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include alert before deleting any. Give updates

It will be useful if alerts are given before showing any file or any PUP or virus as deleted giving a user a chance to see. (there is a fix to choose, but it is better to give an alert, instead of showing as deleted.
These kinds of malware programs updates frequently on finding new malwares. If those updates are not given , then the user has to scan with old definitions of the program, when he starts using it

Jayaraman Raju , 11.01.2018, 11:43
Idea status: under consideration


pcJanitor, 13.01.2018, 13:10
The best anti-malware utility I've tried in a while. Relatively unintrusive and found a trojan that neither MalwareBytes nor Norton could find.

Startup scan display is kind of a heavy load for small desktops with on-chip display adapters. It may be worth adding an option to run the scan silently and then post a report upon completion of the scan.

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